Where the summers adventures are continued, and the beginning of new friendships are forged!

The Saturday clubs are specifically designed to encourage a natural personal development in your child through interaction with nature and other children, in what we see as being our effort to give the environment of free play with person centered development and support to encourage this, in a bid to introduce your child to healthy habits and creating inner resources they will carry through life.
During our research of structuring our programs, we also discovered that children are mostly over stimulated when it comes to entertainment (technology) and also are mostly non self autonomous when it comes to self direction, through their experience of constantly being directed as to what to do, when they are engaged in either school or social activities.

Ages 6-11 years

Suitable ages for Warriors is age 6 to age 11. Some allowance may be made. Contact us if you have a special request.


Every Saturday for 7 consecutive weeks.
• Dundalk time slot is 1.30-3.30pm
Places are limited.
See the club reservations section for more info.

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€89 for seven weeks

The price reflects a discount for pre-booking a full 7 week Saturday Club course.

Warriors who have previously completed a Saturdays club course may be eligible as Advanced Warrior, which allows for a drop-in system.

About WarriorCamps

  • Allow the Creative Mind to flourish

    If you flip the more tradition directive module on its head, you have what we at the Saturday club wish for every child that participates in our programs. We wish to see them develop their own understanding and perspective of the world, while all the time growing in their capacity to develop socially. We seek to see their own imagination flourish in terms of giving them space and the support to do whatever it is they wish to do!

  • Resilience

    We encourage the aspect of resilience, when it comes to dealing with the world. More often than not, how we feel emotionally is advocated as being the truth, when nothing could be further from it. Indeed feelings and words, are just feeling and words. In times gone past, indeed the saying was “sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me”. This old wisdom stands through today as it did in those days as well. These days more than ever, we need to learn tolerance and resilience instead of just being offended by everything that may be said or felt and giving up as a result. We do not encourage any form of violent communication between children, but we do encourage to teach them to learn ” Response-ability”. The ability, to express what they feel and think, in an appropriate way. This being said, we also seek to create a sense of being present in the world in terms of not being afraid of nature.

  • Autonomy

    By the very way we relate to your child, we are encouraging their own person centered decisions. For most nowadays, most of the thinking is done for them, whether this is in schools and other organizations. We wish to let them take the lead and become their own self directing person!!

  • Socialization

    We aim to teach the real meaning of this through a self directing process. Social media, is not socialization. Human contact must be face to face to be called socialization. We attempt to allow the “Tribe” to develop. As it does so does the friendships, as this happens so does the communication and social skills develop.

  • Friendships for life + Awesome fun

    As we have observed in the last few years of running this. There has been a very similar trend of the kids coming together, and taking time to become cohesive. Once this has happened we have seen how the bonds have become strong, and even the intially most alienated children have seen relationships flourish. The very fact they have autonomy allowed it to be natural as to when they were ready to mix!

  • Parents

    We really need parents to encourage their children to overcome themselves and truly make an effort to jump the hurdles that may present themselves. Sometimes we may even be asking the parents to jump their own hurdles!!!

About Drop-ins

Drop-ins are only available to qualified Advanced Warriors who have been with us on a regular basis since the Saturday Clubs started.

Drop-ins are only available to Dundalk Clubs at this time.

Drop-in rate is 15 Euro per session.


In relation to cancellation, we only cancel in weather that has yellow, orange or red status. If there is high winds, or the possibility of a lightning storm. Should we cancel, you do not lose any of your 9 weeks and will have one to carry over as you see fit, This can also be used as a pro rata discount for another cycle of blocks of 9. Drop in is at the rate of 15 euro per session.