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Warrior Camps develop children in the healthy outdoors



To reintroduce your child to the wild excitement that comes from tackling the outdoors and having friendly rivalry from the other tribes that will be present at the camps.

It’s about giving our children the kind of childhood we enjoyed and took for granted before excessive screen-time threatens to take it away forever. It’s about helping children reconnect with nature and with each other, working and playing together as part of a tribe and developing their social skills. Warrior Camp helps children to grow and promotes their confidence and self-belief and gives them the happiness that comes from feeling part of a community. And most importantly, it’s about getting outdoors, playing with other kids, being creative, losing fears and having fun!

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Fun Games

Capture the Flag, Battle Scene, and lots more!

Learn Skills

Activities that develop the mind and improve focus

Build Things!

Base building,Sword, and Bow making!

Social Development

Engaging with other Warriors through games and activities


A healthy break from typical daily technology such as TV, phones and tablets

All Warriors can take home the tools and gear they make during Warrior Camps.

It's about helping children reconnect with nature and with each other


Warrior Camp is designed to act as a digital detox and provide counter-balance in our modern world, where the average child spends less time outdoors than an adult in prison!

Base Building

Using core supplies the kids will need to build shelter for the elements. With plenty of head scratching and “aha” moments this will really challenge the digital generation. (This will include an Armory and Dungeon for the ensuing games)

Sword Making

They will be given a raw sword which they will need to sand down (mindfully) while making it smooth for their own decoration and to be infused with their own unique magic!! They take this home with them which can be kept as a talisman.

Bow Making

We will respectfully ask nature to provide us with the right branches for making their bows. They will really need to tune in here to select just the right branch from the right tree! Once this is ready they can decorate to their standard.

Warrior Tug of War

Warrior Tug of War — Over the mud pit of doom! (Let’s pray for rain)

Capture The Flag

Base built, perimeters set – can they take the flags from the opposing tribes and clans??! Let the games begin!

Golden Sword & Silver Bow

There is a legend they have been hidden somewhere… I wonder who will find them this year?





Find a WarriorCamp in your area. Choose from the available County options and view the upcoming camp dates. WarriorCamps are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Summer Camps

We are confirming camps for Co Dublin.. stay tuned!

We are confirming camps for Co Meath.. stay tuned!


Summer Camps


We are confirming camps for Co Dublin.. stay tuned!


We are confirming camps for Co Meath.. stay tuned!