Complaints Procedure

Complaints procedure

Parents please remember, we adopt a “Anti-Fragile” policy for children. This means that parental intervention is taken very seriously and should only be for a serious situation. We are encouraging you to help your child find their own resourcefulness, and to overcome mental and emotional hurdles, we are on their team and wish you to be the same.

Should something arise that we see as needing to be addressed, we will contact you and take you through it straight away.

Should there be a issue that you as a parent perceive to have happened, that we have missed, please follow the guideline below.

It is our policy that parents/guardians do not any time approach any of our team leaders at any point, in order to resolve an issue. Please feel free to come and say hello, however issues will be resolved in the following manner.

1-3 — Of Mild Concern – This can be addressed using email, stating the nature of the worry, and you will receive an email response, to process the issue should you request this in a reasonable manner. Please be clear when specifying what the nature of it is, the thinking/reason that gave you the conclusion, and why you felt it necessary to us.

4-7 — Of Medium Concern – Once again, please email with the nature of the concern and if you would like a call back regarding the topic. This will be addressed in terms of a phone conversation that will be made during the hours of 10am-4pm.

8-10 — High priority – Urgent attention – On this occasion please call us, and we will respond as soon as possible via phone call, with a follow up of a face to face meeting should it be needed.
It is important to remember, that this is an outdoor event, with an element of free play. We cannot control what children say and do in many instances, although we give moral guidance and set rules. The development process is based on the ability to encounter whatever issue presents and the process of developing past it.

It is also important to remember when contacting us regarding a concern, that this is firmly based in your outside perception of the situation. We would ask that you strongly consider what it is that you are concerned about, and to consider all sides of your concern before contacting us, so to be as clear as possible when addressing it.

We expect that when contacting us the parents will be respectful and balanced in their assessment. If we experience hostile/aggressive contact, unfounded claims that are based on assumption, it will result in immediate termination of your child’s place from our camp and for all future events.

Should it be a case that there is little to nothing wrong with your perceived issue. And should you as a parent be unable to process this. Management will reserve the right to refuse our services in the future.

Should we experience a parent as unreasonable or unbalanced, we will immediately terminate providing our service.