Child & Safety Policy

Our Child policy at Warrior camp covers many different areas which we are constantly striving to develop.

The Warrior code of behavior and conduct is categorized under the following headings:

  • Child-centered approach (always taking the Childs best interest first)
  • Best practice
  • Appropriate behavior (Warrior Code)
  • Physical contact
  • Health and safety
  • First Aid proceedure
  • Garda vetting

Warrior Camp does not accept the following behaviors and will intervene to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all children

  • Bullying.
  • Violence.
  • Sarcasm, name-calling, ‘Slagging’, and other forms of scapegoating.
  • Favoring some to the exclusion of others.
  • Abusive language or gestures.
  • Negative criticism of young people’s values, beliefs and opinions.
  • Negatively highlighting physical, social or emotional differences.

We begin each week with a safety induction for all the children.

Within this we outline all the foreseen dangers and put certain rules of Warrior conduct on what they can and cannot do, along with do!!

  • Safe practices on making bases
  • All bows and arrows are done based on “shoot the can” target practice. All arrows are rubber tipped, and there is an absolute ban on pointing an arrow at anyone.
  • Outdoor danger awareness

POLICY: Code of behaviour for Warrior Supervisors

Our policy applies to all staff and volunteers working for Warrior Camp. We practice safe recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children.

Warrior camp employees accept and recognize their responsibilities regarding the safeguarding of children and will endeavour to carry these out by:

  • Having an awareness of the issues which cause children harm;
  • Following the procedures and protocols set out in this document for the recruitment and selection;
  • Being proactive in implementing this policy in so far as it is appropriate to their work.
  • Welfare is paramount in all decisions, activities and programmes involving vulnerable / young people and children and Warrior camp will provide safe spaces for them, ensuring they are safeguarded, physically and emotionally, in a healthy fun environment.
  • Actively listen to them, taking account of their expression of needs and concerns.
  • Value and respect them as individuals.
  • Involve them in decisions made about them, is as participative and appropriate manner as possible.

A full document is available upon request.

Complaints procedure