Pick-up & Drop-off Protocol

Please read carefully
28th February 2020
  • Please be patient when picking up/dropping off.
  • Please follow the parking attendants signals at all times, they will help you get in and out as quickly as possible.
  • When parked you are free to walk your child to the "Warrior drop off/pick up zone", this must be done at the beginning and the end of the camp each day, please follow the marked pedestrian areas to access this area.
  • Please do not call your child to come to you, it is a requirement that you walk over to the sign in/sign out zone and walk them to/from your car.
  • Once you have checked your child in, please follow the one way system in place as indicated by the map.
  • 5km speed limit in check.
  • Please do not speed at any point. Let's keep everyone safe!

Warrior Camps develop children in the healthy outdoors.
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