Safety Management System: COVID-19

COVID Terms & ConditionsCOVID-19 Statement

Warrior Camp has adopted a Risk Assessment approach to the evolving COVID-19 situation. The assessment is based on the fundamental principles of the hierarchy of controls. The following are a summary of the mitigation measure implemented to date:

The actions implemented by Warrior Camp are those public health measures as advised by the Health Service (HSE). Warrior Camp has adopted the advice and guidance of the HSE in this regard. The type of actions taken here are –regular communication sessions in small groups adhering to the principles of social distancing, lunch staggering to prevent and significantly reducing the numbers of people in communal areas, restricting access to site for only essential personnel. The continual communication that we don’t want children attending camps if they have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19.

Substitution: not applicable in this case or captured in other controls outlined.

Main drop off pick up

Actions implemented:

Site has a controlled access and egress system in place- all personal entering and exiting the drop off/pick up must pass through one designated area (as shown in map area). This area provides extremely good control for communication (signage), social distancing marking, hand sanitising and hand washing facilities are provided. It set the expectation that parents must remain in their cars and only drop children off at set times for the pod their children have been assigned too.


Actions implemented:

Continual communication of the HSE advice as it evolves, social distancing for walking of kids into the camp area in the wood, and increased numbers of supervisors made available, staggered start and end times for drop off. Social distancing implemented in the lunch areas, team meetings altered to implement social distancing. Support provided by the camps allocated safety team, the safety team meets every group of children as they commence camp and provide individual advice to and address concerns of parents remotely and captures suggestion made by parents and children.